CS5: Should You Upgrade?

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Adobe has succesfully generated a hype leading up to the launch of Creative Suite 5. Through various sites fragments were’leaked’. This created the so called buzz that was picked up and redistributed by the social networks.

Exciting and fun for marketing research, but what is do we at Animotion think of CS5? Is it worth to upgrade? And if so, when? At several locations, the new options for After Effects and Premiere Pro get coverage. We’ve tried put pros and cons of upgrading in perspective:

Companies that rely heavily on compositing and motion graphics or working with RED and HD sources, more than likely already meet the system requirements and can easily upgrade. The mere fact that After Effects can use more memory or the GPU acceleration in Premiere will be reason enough for this group.

For companies that do more generally video work and for schools and training-institutes this upgrade will prove problematic. The new system requirements make it an costly story. For small business owners it is the same, replacing a working system that provides the bread and butter, often takes more than just the OS upgrade and adding some memory banks. However, if you where considering replacement or if you still work with CS3 or earlier, then CS5 a good opportunity to upgrade all.

64bit: In a 32bit program, the maximum memory (RAM) that can be used is 3 GB. Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects CS5 are 64bit programs and can use all of the memory in your computer. This makes the program more stable and faster, especially with complex projects.

Rewritten: Because the software had to be rewritten for the 64bit platform, programmers have used the opportunity to clean up the code. This has optimized many things. C55 is therefore faster than CS4, even on a laptop with ‘only’ 2 GB of RAM. read more...

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