Customizing the Vegas Toolbar

Sony Expert Advice: Tips & Tricks by Gary Rebholz

Vegas Pro, ACIDâ„¢ Pro, and Sound Forge Pro, along with the consumer versions of each, feature toolbars that give you a variety of buttons to access your most often-used tools. We've populated those toolbars with default buttons that we think you'll use most often, but we also realize that everyone works differently and the buttons one editor finds useful are not the same as those of another editor. For that reason, we've made it possible for you to completely customize your toolbars. In this article we'll take a look at how toolbar customization works.

We're going to work through this topic in Vegas Pro, but the techniques are similar in all of the other applications as well, so you'll get a lot out of this discussion no matter which program you use.

When you open Vegas Pro for the first time, the toolbar contains the buttons you see in Figure 1. What each of these buttons is and does is not really important for this discussion. Instead, we're going to concentrate on managing these buttons: rearranging them, removing them, adding new ones, and so on.

To manage the buttons in the toolbar, choose Options | Customize Toolbar. The Customize Toolbar dialog box, shown in Figure 2 gives you all the tools you need for making the changes you want to your toolbar. read more...

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