Debunking 3 Myths about Cloud-Based Services for Post Production

Cloud-Based services have made their way into the post production world, especially now, in a world with teams working from home, completely separate. But, there is also a definite stigma around cloud-based workflows, that isn't necessarily based in fact.

Avid has released a great blog post eliminating three myths about cloud-based services, detailing why they might be right for you.

Popular Myths About Cloud-Based Services

  • It's a Security Nightmare
  • Connectivity and Performance Issues are Rampant
  • It's Too Expensive

It's a Security Nightmare

Not necessarily.  Obviously, this is a valid concern, when handling sensitive material in multiple locations.  However, security vulnerabilities are not always related to an issue with the cloud itself.  Famous security cases like the Netflix leaks are often a fault of an old computer with a security flaw.  All devices should be connected connected to your cloud should be password protected and updated to the fullest capacity. 

The advantages of cloud also speak for themselves.  The cloud will reduce opportunities for problems by bringing workflows to the media, rather than the other way around. 

Connectivity and Performance Issues are Rampant

This is an understandable concern when working with massive post files, and a large amount of elements- another layer in the process can be a major concern.  But, it is worth remembering that we are no longer in the age of dial-up connections.   Chances are most major production houses have fiber infrastructure that can deliver reliable gigabit connections which are more than up to the task of handling cloud based workflows.

It's Too Expensive

While cloud doesn't guarantee immediate expenditure shrinkage, it is a safe investment when it comes to future spending.  Simply put, production houses are no longer asking "can you afford to use the cloud" to "Can you afford not to?"

Cloud based technology may require some infrastructure to be put into place, they are essential to keeping your projects moving, and create uninterrupted data workflows. 

Check out the full article from Avid HERE.

Learn more about Avid HERE.

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