Deep Dive into Adobe Premiere Pro CC Spring 2017 Update

Great job by our good friend and Adobe Head of Global DVA Operations Dave Helmly. Dave's been a part of the Adobe team for as long as we can remember. Going back to othe early days of Desk Top Video. Back when we bragged about MJPEG capture cards like Pinnacle DC30 or Fast FPS60 could playback 640x480 video! Back before Final Cut. Boy have things changed!! Adobe Premiere Pro has really grown up into a powerful, full featured, professional NLE. Kudos Dave! In this 30 minute deep dive video Dave reviews the top features in the Spring 2017 release of Adobe Premiere Pro CC v11.1. You’ll see an entirely new workflow for creating Motion Graphics Templates (Premiere and AfterEffects) and our new file format for these templates - .mogrt files. We are also introducing an intuitive way to work with Audio called the Essential Sound Panel. I’ll cover our initial support for Ambisonic VR audio, contribute to Adobe Stock , and new support for DynamicLink for Team Projects.

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