Defending Apple's Final Cut Pro X
If you're a die-hard Mac user and want to get into video editing, here's a strong argument for using Apple's Final Cut Pro X - not to mention a really interesting look at the evolution of the software.

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Pros who are just entering the industry should give Final Cut Pro X a fair shake. While you’ll hear a lot of people who felt burned by the switch complain loudly about the software (for quite valid reasons), if you have no history and no projects under your belt, it only makes sense to approach software with an open mind. Perhaps if you’re a hardcore Hollywood movie editor, it won’t work for you, but I can attest from experience that if you’re a student, an independent filmmaker, or a journalist, there’s no reason not to give it a try if you’re starting from scratch. It’s not the same software it was when it launched after all of these years of updates...[read the full article]

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