Deltacast Delta-stat-IP lets you add Broadcast Quality Sports Graphics to your Live Productions

We feel that broadcast quality Sports graphics is the missing piece of the puzzle for Live Sports Production using NewTek TriCaster. With Delta-stat-IP you can take your high school or college sports productions to the next level. Delta stat IP supports NewTek NDI and sells for $4995 which includes sports interfaces for Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Football and a generic sports template. Our friends at DeltaCast have created this ease of use presentation to explain how simple it is to turn a sports game into a top of the line sports broadcast like you see on ESPN or Fox Sports with Delta-stat-IP. You can add pictures, headshots and clips of the athletes, details about them like their height & weight, as well as player and or team statistics. These stats and player metadata are kept in a master database that your producer can bring up on a moment’s notice. Using cool transitions and animated lense flairs - Just like you see on top tier sports programming like ESPN, FOX Sports or the other networks. Just like any live production, the secret to your success is the time and effort you put into pre-production. You are going to have to invest some time in getting your initial database created. You'll have to import your graphics, player attributes and their statistics. It will take you some time to get this done initially. Once the database is set up, maintaining and updating it is really very simple. When combined with a NewTek TriCaster, 3Play instant replay and Advanced Edition software with NDI, you get an affordable and powerful state of the art live sports production solution that is intuitive and easy to use. Just run Delta-cast-IP on a laptop connected to your network and you can bring up all of the cool stats, graphics and videos your producer needs with just a couple of mouse clicks. For just under $5K Delta-stat-IP will let you add live sports graphics to your productions that look and feel like the stuff you see on network or cable sports productions. In fact your viewers will think you spent ten times as much and that you have a team of graphic designers working for you. The only one who will know the secret to your slick, sexy sports graphics is you!

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