Designing UX and Environments for Virtual Reality

Creating for 360 Degrees: Designing UX and Environments for Virtual Reality

From The Creative Cloud Team capture “Brands need to stop telling stories and allow their audiences to explore them for themselves,” says Abi Mandelbaum, CEO and co-founder of YouVisit. Designing for virtual reality (VR) is about finding ways to let users take the lead in digital experiences. YouVisit is a technology platform that lets brands create and publish their own virtual reality experiences. Their in-house agency, YouVisit Studios, is one of the world’s largest virtual reality production teams.

Lessons from Creating 1,000 Virtual Reality Experiences

YouVisit Studios’ teamhas created more than 1,000 VR experiences for client brands like Harvard, the U.S. Army, and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia. “Essentially, virtual reality is a means of storytelling. Any effective VR experience must do just that — using the power of immersion, the best experiences convey a specific message, story or idea to the viewer, making them understand a brand and allowing them to interact with it.” YouVisit has learned the importance of interactive features in their designs. “One of the key aspects we put above all in our experiences is that notion of interactivity. What makes VR stand apart from other means of communication is the opportunity to explore and control how you interact with an experience and enables VR to be a personalized and tailored experience for each visitor,” says Mandelbaum. [Continue Reading..]

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