Detailing the SmallHD 500 Field Monitor in Action

The SmallHD 500 series field monitors are some of the most versatile gadgets on the market for videographers, DSLR shooters and camcorder enthusiasts. On top of delivering incredible image quality, a super small footprint, lightweight design and long running times the price-point rivals competitive products costing twice as much! Take it from a pro in action, as described by the article below:

SmallHD Details ‘West Coast Customs’ Shoot

TVTechnology Blog By Kara Stephens, Producer/Director BURBANK, CALIF.—We do a lot of run-and-gun work on “West Coast Customs,” a Fox Sports show on customizing vehicles. To capture the action without interrupting the workers in our garage/studio we do a lot of handheld shooting with the camera in a rig. The SmallHD 502 monitor—when combined with the Sidefinder optical loop eyepiece—helps me work quickly. The image is so right-on that I can often set exposure just by looking at the monitor.
SmallHD 502 monitor mounted on camera during “West Coast Customs” shoot
CLEAR AND SHARP The first thing I noticed about the monitor was how clear and sharp the picture was compared to our previous on-camera monitor that wasn’t HD. As my eyes get older, I appreciate how much SmallHD helps me do my job shooting. In Sidefinder mode, it provides the highest resolution image I’ve seen on any eyepiece. You can read all of the 502’s menus and can swing the monitor out from the eyepiece to view it directly. For an upcoming episode, we shot the installation of a stereo into a Slingshot three-wheeled vehicle ...[continue reading]

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