Diana's Top 10 Final Cut Pro 7 Features #7 - Improved Markers

DMN by Diana Weynand

You know those little post-it note pads that come in multiple colors? Ok, admit it now. Do you ever color-code your notes? Maybe yellow notes are financial, pink ones are hot to-do items. Well with Final Cut Pro 7, you can now use color to label your markers in a very similar way. There are several other marker improvements as well.

Choosing Marker Colors
There are 8 marker colors, all waiting for your own personal organizational touch. You can still add a marker by pressing the letter M, and you can still open the Edit Marker window by pressing M when the playhead is over an existing marker. But in Final Cut Pro 7, the Edit Marker window now displays 8 different colors.

Maybe you want your notes about audio fixes to be orange, or your color correction notes to be purple. If you know what color marker you want to apply, you can use a different shortcut, Shift plus the marker color number. For example, to apply a yellow marker, press Shift-3, since it's the 3rd marker color. (These shortcuts are easily searchable in our iKeysToGo iphone app for FCP 7.)

But wait-there's more! What if you wanted to apply the yellow marker color and open the Edit Marker window at the same time? No problem. Just press Shift-Option-3. A yellow marker is added at the playhead position in the Timeline and the Edit Marker window opens. You can even use this shortcut on the fly-and enter a marker name-as you screen a sequence! This also works on a source clip in the Viewer. read more...

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