Did you know MPEG Streamclip could convert YouTube videos?

The Editblog on PVC by Scott Simmons

I didn’t. But I’m happy to know that now. File this post under “how in the hell did I not know MPEG Streamclip could do this!” This being take the URL of a YouTube video and convert it into a usable file. That is one of those tasks that has come up time and time again and I’ve often struggled with how to make it happen. I’m not sure how long MPEG Streamclip has had this function but I’m going to chalk it up to you learn something new every day.

Have you ever tried to download a YouTube clip? If you Google “how to download YouTube videos” then you’re faced with an overwhelming number of links and options that often don’t work or look to be some type of scam. Enter MPEG Streamclip.

It’s very simple to do. First, find your YouTube clip of choice and copy the URL.

Then go under File: Open URL: You’ll then get a dialog box where you can paste the YouTube URL: read more...

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