Discover BirdDog Next-Gen PTZ Cameras! X1 & X1 Ultra PTZ Cameras and MAKI ULTRA

BirdDog recently revealed their newest lineup of cameras including the X1 & X1 Ultra PTZ Cameras, as well as the MAKI Ultra Box Cameras. Packed with heaps of game changing new features to supercharge your workflows. Whether you’re a newb or a pro, these cameras are going to make awesome content creation easier for you.
Videoguys is now accepting pre-orders for these new BirdDog cameras.

Learn more about BirdDog X1 & X1 Ultra

NDI® | HX3. Enhanced Reliability on More Networks.
The X1 and X1 Ultra deliver superior network performance via NDI® | HX3 integration. You get significantly reduced network impact and excellent image quality, meaning its more friendly in more network environments. BirdDog’s NDI® | HX3 delivers quality and performance you can count on.
Wi-Fi. Connected but not connected.
No need to use cables to capture every shot. On top of regular ethernet with PoE, X1 and X1 Ultra have built-in Wi-Fi functionality. Easily capture shots from spots where it’s hard to run cable, seamlessly integrating into any environment. Your set up just became a whole lot more flexible.
Integrated NDI® | HX Decoder.
The X1 and X1 Ultra are the world’s first PTZ cameras featuring an NDI®| HX* Decoder designed specifically for confidence monitoring, return feeds, or teleprompter usage. We’ve pulled all this connectivity into a single cable, radically simplifying how you interface with your equipment. Whether you’re broadcasting live or delivering a CEO address, the integrated NDI HX decoder enables more brilliance with less setup. *NDI®|HX2 and NDI®|HX3 supported
Tally Light. It’s a halo Effect.
Professional results need professional tools. X1 and X1 Ultra sport the most visible and effective Tally system available. Up front with a large, daylight visible border, and out back with an interchangeable, illuminated numbering system. Your cast and crew will always know where to look to keep your audience engaged and your look polished.

Learn more about BirdDog MAKI Ultra

Compact. Yet Mighty.
The MAKI Ultra boasts a compact footprint helping you capture those unusual and engaging camera angles with ease. With MAKI Ultra you can deliver killer POV shots that put your audience right in the game at eSports events, or attach MAKI Ultra to a band rig to capture incredible angles of your drummers or instrumentalists, be they in a band or a house of worship. Wherever the action is, MAKI Ultra ensures you never miss a beat.
Super-Fast Autofocus. Keeping Pace with Your Vision.
MAKI Ultra’s super-fast autofocus is a game-changer for dynamic content and fast-paced environments. Equipped with a ToF sensor and powered by advanced automatic focusing algorithms, MAKI Ultra ensures rapid and accurate autofocus. Whether your subjects are zipping across the frame or moving closer and further away from the camera, MAKI Ultra keeps them sharp and in focus.
4K60. Capture Every Moment with Ultra Detail.
With its 4K60 capabilities, MAKI Ultra expands your options on what and how you capture content. From fast-moving action shots to incredible detail in low-light sets, you can get all the detail thanks to MAKI Ultra’s high frame rate and advanced image processing capabilities

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