DIY Streaming & Film Tips, Tricks & Hacks | Videoguys News Day 2sDay LIVE Webinar |

Check out this week's Videoguys News Day 2sDay LIVE Webinar. The topic this week is all about DIY film and streaming tips. Stepping in for Gary is Oliver Ricketts and Adam Noyes going over tricks, tips, and hacks for film in this do it yourself LIVE stream!

Full Webinar

The two hosts dive into everything you need to know about all aspects of production when operating on a budget. They cover lighting, audio, set dressing, and post production.


One major point made in the webinar is that storage is majorly important. This is where it is most important to spend, your post production tools need to be up to speed. Check out our list of drives here.


Your computer and workstation are your most valuable tool as a creator. Check out your computer options from Videoguys HERE.

Check out the video on YouTube HERE

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