DMN Product Review:Sony Vegas Pro 8

Sony Creative Software recently announced the latest version of its very popular, professional editing program, Vegas Pro 8. Some features include working with AVCHD and XDCAM video files, among others, along with a more powerful titling application, ProType. Another interesting feature/function is the capability to work in 32-bit floating point video processing, giving it a more aggressive way to cut and finish video. Just so you know, I pretty much work with Final Cut Pro, with the occasional edit session in Avid, so this is new territory for me personally, but some of my colleagues work with Vegas exclusively. Parts of my last feature film, 9:04 AM, feature visual effects that were cut together in Vegas, and outputted to QuickTime HD to be put into the film. So I'm no stranger to the application; I've just never personally used it before. I like Vegas a lot, and enjoyed using it with several colleagues who already own a copy of Vegas 8, along with me using it on my own system. On a modern system that's running quite fast, I was able to do some fast renders with HDV (native .m2t) clips and filters. Many of the existing filters are nice, and the new ones in version 8 rival those found in Magic Bullet, and other third party applications. Read More

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