Do Professional Editors care about FCPX (anymore)?

PVC by Kevin McAuliffe

Are professional editors handing in their Media Composer and Premiere Pro licenses for FCPX? In a word...No.

So, I think it's safe to say that the dust has settled a long time ago on FCPX, and to be honest, whenever I sit down at my Mac to launch Media Composer, I always see that icon sitting there, staring me in the face. You know the one I'm talking about. It almost looks like there's a layer of dust on it, as the times I've used it have been few and far between. To be honest, it has become, for me, the application I use to cut my home videos on.

Now, before I move on with this article, I want to say that I don't know Larry Jordan, I've never met Larry Jordan, and I'm sure he has no idea who I am either. I also have the utmost respect for him, and what he has accomplished to get the word out about FCP. That being said, I watched Larry Jordan (LJ) present at the Amsterdam Supermeet on YouTube (of which I'm posting the video below), and one of the first questions asked (not by LJ) was "How many people LOVE FCPX?", and then "How many people DON'T love FCPX?", and the split was 50/50. LJ was there to answer the question "Is FCPX ready for Professional Use?" I'm sorry, if you have ask that question, there's only one answer. No. He made the comment that "My only goal is to get you guys work! I don't care what software you buy." But, that's not entirely true, as LJ trains people on how to use FCPX. That is primarily his bread and butter, so at the end of the day, the more people buy/use FCPX, the better it is for Larry Jordan and Associates. The other thing that is interesting about that statement, is that LJ has always been considered "The Final Cut Guru", because that is what he has done in the past. Teach Final Cut. Well, not anymore. Now, if you head over to you w,ill see that he/they now offer Adobe training as well. (No Media Composer training, but hey, no one's perfect) Obviously this can be chalked up to one of two different schools of thought.

  1. There is a super high demand for Adobe training (even though every other training site out there has Adobe training, including free stuff on YouTube)
  2. The FCP training has taken a huge hit since the release of FCPX that they have to expand out.

I'd have to go with the latter on this one. read more...

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