Don't leave it to chance! NewTek TriCaster powers the UK National Lottery

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While the rest of the world moves inexorably towards downloading shows that are available on demand, live television still has a vital place in the entertainment repertoire

Technology seems to get more powerful, but paradoxically it also gets cheaper and smaller, which means that what happened thirty years ago with Desktop Publishing, in a loose analogy, is now changing how we produce live television.

NewTek's TriCaster has been around long enough that most of us have seen their amazing demonstrations at trade shows around the globe. And although the idea of the system - that you can produce a high-end professional-looking show with a computer and some controllers that sit on your desk - hasn't changed, NewTek has been continually adding functionality to their systems so that, now, they are almost unbelievably clever.

And while it is true that you might only want to show off everything at once in a trade show demo, what this all means is that the system is now so powerful, that it is easily up to the rigours of producing a live, national TV broadcast, brimming with automated flourishes that convince the audience they're watching something special.


The National Lottery in the UK still seems like a new idea but it's been around for two decades. In that time, billions have been raised and donated to (mostly!) deserving causes. It's an important part of the UK economy, as - like so many other countries - it struggles to deal with its debt burden while still funding projects that make life across all sectors of society just a bit better. read more...

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