Dr. Cross on NDI and Innovation of IP Video Production

In Andrew Cross, Ph.D.'s article, the story of NewTek's journey from an office cluttered with cardboard boxes to pioneering the video production industry with NDI is compellingly narrated. Despite initial challenges with healthcare renewals and traditional market growth, Cross realized the necessity to burst the company's comfortable bubble and embrace the inevitable shift towards IP video transmission.

Cross recounts the pivotal moment when he proposed making NDI, NewTek's proprietary IP video technology, freely available to the industry. Despite concerns about competitiveness, Cross believed that fostering widespread adoption would ultimately benefit NewTek and the entire industry. His philosophy centered on disrupting the market and democratizing video production, a vision that resonated with industry giants and smaller players alike.

Through relentless promotion and support, NDI gained traction, eventually becoming the de facto standard in video production. Cross emphasizes the importance of storytelling in driving adoption, highlighting how NDI's success was less about the technology itself and more about the narrative behind it.

Today, NDI boasts unparalleled usage across various sectors, from broadcasting to online streaming, symbolizing a paradigm shift in video production. Cross's departure from NewTek marks a transition to new leadership but underscores the enduring legacy of NDI as a testament to the power of visionary storytelling in shaping industries.

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