DV Fanatics: My Favorite Video Software Tools of 2013

DV Fanatics

As a video editor, it's important to know more than just a single editing tool. If you're a freelancer, it's very helpful to know all of the major tools that are used in your local market. Sometimes, what you may consider the Best Video NLE Out There, may not be the best system for every workflow. Everyone has their favorite set of tools, but those tools may not be the ones you use for every project.

This week I'll discuss my favorite tools for different workflows. Whether I'm editing video, retouching photographs, creating motion graphics, encoding video or recording and editing sound, these are the tools I prefer to use.

Video Editing - The Avid Media Composer is my video editing tool of choice. This is the tool I would use if I'm doing an edit with camera source material and the decision of which editor to use is left totally up to me. I love the depth of the Avid's feature set and find that its media management and trimming capabilities are the best out there. If I am doing a project that is mostly motion graphics and animation, my preference is to use Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe Dynamic Link makes editing with Adobe After Effects sources so easy. There's no need for export/import, Adobe Premiere Pro opens After Effects comps directly in its timeline (See What I Like About Adobe Premiere Pro).

Motion Graphics - My favorite tool for creating animations and motion graphics is Adobe After Effects. Whenever a project calls for a title or lower third with motion elements, I always use Adobe After Effects. read more...

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