DVdoctor interview - Hiro Yamada, Canopus founder and chairman

HiroCanopus's founder Hiro Yamada hits out at Adobe, DirectX, the Open HD initiative and the idea of graphics cards powering video editing as he responds to questions put by DVdoctor's Bob Crabtree. Bob sets the scene: The following article is transcribed from my hand-written notes taken during my interview of Canopus's founder and chairman Hiro Yamada at Canopus's offices in Reading, UK on June 10, 2005. The write up is non-linear, in that I have re-arranged the order of the questions and their accompanying replies - intending to make the whole thing flow more easily. I'd met Mr Yamada for briefings a few times before but this was my first formal interview of him. In preparation for the meeting, I created a thread in DVdoctor's right2reply forum, asking if anyone had an questions they'd like me to put to Mr Yamada. Some disgruntled Canopus customers had their say there, and the number of postings increased after the thread was highlighted on Canopus's own support forums. Many wanted to know why three of Canopus's editing hardware packages - Storm, NX and SP Canopus - did not "properly" support Adobe's Premiere Pro editing program. Other suggested questions covered technological and new-product development and future strategies. So, come the day of the meeting, having these questions and my own, I was confident we'd not run out of things to talk about. read more...

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