Edit Review: Boris Continuum Complete 4

Digital Content Producer by S.D. Katz Continuum CompleteNew version adds more impressive filters to a healthy base set. Like many filters in Boris Continuum Complete 4, the Film Damage filter is almost as good as effects by competitors that alone sell for the price of the BCC4 upgrade. As good as Adobe After Effects (AE), Apple Final Cut Pro, and other 2D programs may be, their usefulness is multiplied by plug-ins. There are many filter options out there, but there is also a lot of redundancy when it comes to large sets of individual effects. Because some filter sets cost about half the price of AE or more, buying more than one product quickly becomes expensive. There are lots of filters to be had for AE and Final Cut Pro; however, with a price point starting at $795 for the full program and $249 for an upgrade, Boris Continuum Complete 4 (BCC4) is a logical addition to your NLE or compositing program. read more...

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