Edit to the Maxx - The Art of the Digital Cut - Part 1

Edit Maxx Camcorderinfo.com by Steve Mullen Camcorderinfo.com is proud to feature a new column from professional editor, teacher, and writer Steve Mullen. Look for this column to appear every other Wednesday. I suspect that most folks who buy a camcorder truly believe they will edit the video they shoot. For some, editing means removing video where something has gone wrong. (Unless you’re doing a Bloopers Reel!) For others, video editing is a way to create a polished visual story. For the majority of shooters, their intentions likely lie somewhere in between. They want to cut bad video out, “fix† shots, rearrange shots, and add titles. Despite the best of intentions, some of us find ourselves shooting more and more video and “somehow† never quite getting our editing projects completed. Worse, as we get further and further behind in editing our work, we lose our motivation. For many, the obstacle is the complexity of modern editing software and the inadequate documentation provided by the software manufacturer. The Edit to the Maxx column is for these folks. Every other week, I will provide you with real, straightforward information that will enable you to edit video and audio. As the weeks progress, I will go deeper into the art and technology of video editing. You can provide feedback by using the Comments option at the bottom of each column. read more...

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