Editing for Reality TV: An Interview

Editing for Reality TV - This piece, featured on Adobe's blog, is an interview with Andrew Moraski, Post Production Supervisor at Citizen Pictures - a company who has found their niche in reality TV. Find out about their workflow using Adobe Premiere Pro CC by reading on.

The Reality of Editing Reality TV

Adobe blog by Janet Mozaffari As reality TV food shows continue their popular trend with viewers, the Rocky Mountains have grown to become a hotbed for food television production. Over the past 32 years, Frank Matson and Denver-based Citizen Pictures have received multiple Emmy nominations and Daytime Emmy awards for work on shows like Diners, Drive-ins & Dives, Giada at Home, and other well-known lifestyle programming. Adobe talked to Andrew Moraski, Post Production Supervisor at Citizen Pictures, about how the growing company puts together shows for some big names in reality TV. Adobe: How did you get involved in video production? Moraski: When I went to film school, I thought that I really wanted to be an editor. I was lucky enough to get an opportunity with Citizen Pictures, but as I worked my way up, I realized that I was more interested in the workflow and computer operations side of the business. In editing, it’s all about focus and finding that one piece of footage that will make the show even better. In operations, it’s more about exploring best practices and coming up with the most efficient way to use equipment, ingest footage, or even store digital clips. Adobe: What types of shows is Citizen Pictures working on? Moraski: We’ve really found our niche in food reality TV shows. Some of our big shows right now are Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives; Smoked; and a digital series for Bravo. It’s been fantastic seeing Citizen Pictures grow. We’ve been producing more shows and more recognition. We’ve grown from 14 to 26 edit bays just in the past year...[continue reading]

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