Edius Broadcast 4

DV By John Jackman Edius Broadcast 4 Intuitive, usable, and straightforward interface. Mixed resolutions on one timeline. Excellent Canopus HQ codec. First: I like this software. Second: Ain’t none of them perfect, and Edius isn’t either. But the features and overall usability of the Edius interface make it worth a look for many users. NLE software is much like a word processor: most editors use less than a third of an NLE’s capabilities, and hardly anyone uses all of them. But everyone uses a slightly different third. Most editors have experience on multiple NLEs, but each have a favorite they’re most comfortable with and find easiest to use. Edius Broadcast 4 could become that NLE for me—partially because it includes a feature called Shortcut Mapping that will configure all the keyboard shortcuts to Avid or Final Cut Pro configuration, but also because the interface itself is clean, straightforward, and well-designed. While there were a few hardware configuration issues I had to twiddle with, the overall operation of the software was quite intuitive—despite the fact that I’m not a fan of running programs via little icon buttons. read more...

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