Grass Valley by Maxim Jago

Grass Valley EDIUS is an extremely powerful and realtime multiformat NLE capable of handling resolutions up to 4K and 3D material. Many Adobe Premiere Pro editors can benefit by using the additional enhancements found in EDIUS, especially since the editing experience between the two NLEs is almost exactly the same.

Differences exist primarily in colors, button designs, or names of tools. This Application Note provides everything needed to translate existing Premiere Pro editing skills into EDIUS editing skills.


Grass Valley EDIUS is a powerful nonlinear editing system used by countless editors all over the world to produce broadcast television, film, multimedia, and DVDs.

Nonetheless, many Adobe Premiere Pro editors hesitate to jump in and discover the fast, powerful, and easy to use editing tools EDIUS offers.

There can be good reasons to stick with what is already known, of course. No time is required to learn the tools already being used and it takes effort to learn new technologies. The good news is that the standard Premiere Pro and EDIUS editing
experience is not just similar—it’s almost exactly the same!

The workflow is similar for ingesting media, editing clips into sequences, applying video and audio filters, and output. EDIUS has native multiformat support, too, so you can work with multiple media file types without transcoding, just as can be done with Premiere Pro.

Many of the differences between the two editing systems are primarily about colors, button designs, or names of tools. Once the user is familiar with the EDIUS interface, they will be editing just as they always have—with a number of new enhancements.

About this Application Note
This application note provides everything needed to translate existing Premiere Pro editing skills into EDIUS editing skills. Editing with EDIUS is quick and easy to pick up, with a highly flexible approach to post-production.

This document is intended specifically for Adobe Premiere Pro editors but users of any editing system will find this information valuable as a quick way of getting to know EDIUS, without long explanations of technologies they are already familiar with.


EDIUS looks different than Premiere Pro on first inspection, but the two systems have a lot in common.

Let’s start with what is the same
Both systems have:

  • Software-only and software + hardware modes
  • Single or dual Player/Program monitors
  • Standard keyboard shortcuts like ‘I’ for Mark-In and ‘O’ for Mark-Out
  • Track patching
  • Sync locks
  • Effects applied by drag and drop
  • JKL playback
  • Standard 3-point edits
  • Mono or stereo audio tracks
  • Native playback support for multiple video formats
  • Sequence and clip markers
  • Timeline-based clip rubber-banding for audio level and opacity
  • The same standard editing workflow
  • Integrated audio loudness monitoring

Now let’s look at some differences
Only EDIUS has:

  • Combined video and audio tracks—great for fast editing
  • Dedicated title tracks for graphic and stills media
  • Separate configuration settings for all effects (no Effect Controls panel)
  • A powerful, automated proxy editing mode
  • Monitor overlays with zebra for highlights, shadows, and live audio level
  • Separate settings windows, including application, user, project, and sequence
  • Built-in stereoscopic 3D video editing
  • Built-in Blu-ray and DVD burning

In Summary
One major difference between EDIUS and Premiere Pro is that playback settings like frame rate, frame size, and pixel aspect ratio are configured in the Project settings, not the sequence settings. New projects are created based on presets and these settings can changed at any time by going to Settings > Project Settings.

By setting the video conforming options in the project, rather than the sequence, it’s quick and easy to switch between presets (perhaps to alternate between HD and SD formats) and all sequences automatically match each other.

The overall EDIUS editing experience is very similar to editing with Premiere Pro.

After getting used to the buttons being different colors and the new naming conventions, a user will find everything known about editing in Premiere Pro is still useful in EDIUS.

Many experienced Adobe Premiere Pro editors fall in love with the speed and ease of use EDIUS gives. Download the complete PDF guide here

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