Effortlessly produce and webcast with a Roland VR Series Mixer!

Effortlessly produce and webcast with a Roland VR Series Mixer! If you are having problems viewing this e-mail or would like to see it in your web browser click this link or copy and paste it in your browser for all these great specials -http://webvideoguys.com/roland-vguys.html

Effortlessly produce and webcast with a Roland VR Series Mixer with Live Streaming Capability

Whether you are producing worship services, youth events, weddings or concerts, the Roland VR Series allows you to mix video and computer sources together with multi-channel audio sources to create a production that is ready for live event, webcasting or recording via simple USB connection to your Mac or PC. The VR Series AV Mixers are feature rich allowing you to use them as the main mixer or simply use as a webcasting or recording mixer taking feeds from your existing AV production equipment. We offer a range of VR models depending on your church needs and budget.

Attention Schools, Organizations, Government Agencies, and House of Worship:
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Roland VR-50HD
Multi-Format HD Video Mixer

  • 3G-SDI, HDMI, RGB & Composite Inputs
  • High Definition Mixing Engine up to 1080p
  • Advanced 12 Channel Audio Mixer
  • USB 3.0 for up to 1080p Streaming
  • 7" Multiview Preview Monitor
  • Powerful PnP and Key Compositions



Click here to watch the Roland VR-50HD Video


Roland VR-3EX AV Mixer

  • HDMI & Composite Inputs
  • Standard Definition 16:9 Mixing Engine
  • Scaled Output up to 1080p
  • Advanced 18 Channel Audio Mixer
  • USB 2.0 for 480i Streaming
  • 2.5” Multiview Preview Monitor
  • PnP, Key and Video Effects



Click here to watch the Roland VR-3EX Video


https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0128/7847/9460/t/25/assets/description_image_rolandv40_v800_free_sdi.jpg?v=1584551277FREE SDI Upgrade with
Roland V-40HD and V-800HD!
Add SDI inputs or outputs to a V-40HD or V-800HD
with your choice of any two VC-1-HS or VC-1-SH Converters!
A free add-on value of up to $990!

Take advantage of this incredible promotional opportunity to add any two of the VC-1-HS or VC-1-SH Video Converters to the V-40HD. Add two VC-1-SH or one VC-1-DL SDI/HDMI Bi-directional Converter to a V-800HD. Promotion ends June 30, 2014. Call Videoguys at 800-323-2325 to order your Roland V-40HD or V-800HD with FREE Video Converters.

Call Videoguys.com at 800-323-2325
for more information or to place your order with FREE SDI


Roland V-40HD
Multi-Format Video Switcher

The Roland V-40HD Multi-Format Live Video Switcher is a welcomed addition to the powerful V-1600HD and V-800HD model lineup. The V-40HD Live Video Switcher is ideal for any live event or installation that requires the freedom to connect a variety of sources whether they be digital or analog, computer or video format. It is particularly positioned to support configurations using popular HDMI cameras as well as computers.



Roland V-800HD
Multi-Format Video Switcher

Eight Multi-Format Channels with Independent Scalers.
A Variety of Output Formats including a Built-in Multiviewer.

Freely switch between 1080p video that surpasses even broadcast quality. Full support not just for camera video, but for computer output as well - at a full range of resolutions. A new-generation multi-format switcher featuring high-quality built-in scalers on all inputs.



Connect SDI Sources to the V-40HD with 2 FREE VC-1-SH Converters:


Output to SDI Devices from the V-40HD with 2 FREE VC-1-HS Video Converters:


Connect an SDI Source and Send to an SDI Output with with the V-40HD, a FREE
VC-1-SH Video Converter and a FREE VC-1-HS Video Converter:



Add Two Additional SDI Sources to the V-800HD for a Total of Six with 2 FREE VC-1-SH Video Converters:


Use as Needed with the V-800HD for Additional SDI or HDMI Input or Output Along with Video or Audio Delay Ability with a FREE VC-1-DL Video Converter:


Roland VC-1-HS HDMI to SDI Video Converter

Roland VC-1-HS

Roland VC-1-SH SDI to HDMI Video Converter

Roland VC-1-SH
SDI to HDMI Converter


Roland VC-1-DL Bi-Directional SDI/HDMI with Delay and Frame Sync

Roland VC-1-DL
Bi-Directional SDI/ HDMI Converter


Roland VC-1-SH SDI to HDMI Video Converter

Roland VC-1-SC
Scan Converter

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