Engaging your audience with your live Church streaming

We can help with your live production and streaming technology, but engaging your audience is a big and important task. Get Worship Facilites' advice with their 5 necessary considerations for creating content for your audience. Read on.

Your Church is Streaming…Now What?

From WorshipFacilities.com Once the online stream is set up, that’s just the beginning of connecting with your online audience. ichurch_streamingWhen churches traditionally want to go online, they normally take the approach of trying to figure out how to get an online stream setup for the website, and by website I mean a desktop website. But once the online stream is set up, that’s just the beginning of connecting with your online audience. When you get your church online stream setup and have some people watching, it’s inevitable that you want to take it to the next level and build additional ways for your online viewers to not only watch your broadcasts but stay connected to your church, online. Thus the question is, “how do you go from streaming only to the on-boarding process of creating members, volunteers, church online and other processes that make it more of a campus and not just a broadcast”, well i’m glad you asked. In order to build a full online campus that is innovative, immersive, engaging and customized to your audience there are some specific steps that you can take. First, above anything else, always make sure anything you do is focused on ministry, make sure it’s about connecting with people and make sure it’s about uplifting their lives. Technology is a great method to reach millions but if the focus is on the method and not the life changing gospel message, then we will never be as effective as we desire to me....[continue reading]

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