Epiphan AV.io USB capture devices deliver!

 BabyFlix, based in San Diego saw an opportunity back in 2014 that they couldn't pass up. Their online platform allows for families to share their ultrasound imagery as live streams, on-demand video, and photos. No matter how far you are, BabyFlix gives families the opportunity to share these specials moments with their loved ones in a secure place. BabyFlix provides it's service through more than 100 clinics throughout the United States. 

Their partner clinics make the ultrasound capture and streaming possible. 

"The demographic of people having babies are sharing their lives online. it started to trend in the direction of, ‘Hey, you know what? I’m online, I’m posting everything. Now I’d like my friends to participate in my ultrasound exam."
Steve Corey, Founder of BabyFlix

100+ of the BabyFlix-equipped clinics are powered by Epiphan captures cards. The Av.io family of capture cards brings the video signal from the ultrasound machine into a computer running video production software. That computer is connected to an Epiphan encoder, which handles the streaming and/or recording.

"We’ve seen a whole host of things because we come into a lot of sites. Epiphan products are by far the best. It's the speed of encoding. It's the compatibility. With the video that's coming off of the machines, these aren't standard dimensions. It's not a clean signal. Epiphan products handle it. It’s just a nonissue."
Steve Corey, Founder of BabyFlix

There is still room for growth in the ultrasound imagery sharing. BabyFlix is looking to incorporate pre-appointment surveys, interactive video services and more. With the help of Epiphan products and Epiphan Cloud there's always plenty of room for growth! 

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