Epiphan Pearl-2 eliminates encoding issues

In Epiphan's recent case study, Digital technology company, Extra, invested in the Epiphan Pearl-2 for a dependable solution to their live productions. Extra helps brands every step of the way with their live events, from initial planning and venue organization to live production and distribution.

The challenge Extra was looking to solve was to find a dependable encoder for their live streams. The team at Extra have experienced their fair share of live stream nightmares, so they were determined to find a solution. “We needed a machine dedicated to certain tasks because a computer, as we know, sometimes pushes updates or causes malfunctions on our software,” says Angelo Casalini, Extra’s head of streaming. “As luck would have it, often that happens during an event.”

After their search they came across the Epiphan Pearl-2, the reliable and simple live streaming encoder. Other than it's reliability, its built-in SDI inputs, encoding quality and small size sold Expert. 

Extra's workflow for surgery streaming

Extra's workflow for surgery streaming

Extra's workflow for corporate events

Extra's workflow for music concerts

Expert has produced about 400 events with the Pearl-2 and have seen excellent results. Pearl-2 gave Extra the reliability they were looking for! 

"When we decided to purchase and to use Pearl-2, we found it was worth the money because it really changed how we produce our events. Now, we don’t produce any events without it."
Angelo Casalini, Head of Streaming at Extra

Check out the full case study here!

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