Epiphan Pearl Mini & Panopto Success Story

Thanks to the seamless Panopto and Epiphan integration, professors no longer needed to worry about activating the Pearl Mini in their lecture halls, as faculty who were already familiar with Panopto could simply press record as they always had. For those not yet accustomed to Panopto, the DELTA team developed an automated control function that allowed professors to start teaching immediately upon entering the lecture hall, with the recording starting automatically and the file uploaded to the university’s LMS shortly after the lecture ended.

The Challenge

To address the need for increased class recording capabilities, the Digital Education and Learning Technology Applications (DELTA) team at NC State University aimed to develop an integrated learning ecosystem. This ecosystem would enhance NC State's lecture capture capabilities and provide resources to encourage the recording of classes in more classrooms. The DELTA team recognized that technology played a vital role in the classroom experience and wanted to leverage it to create an accessible learning environment for both students and faculty. By expanding the lecture capture capabilities, they aimed to provide students with greater access to course materials and enhance their learning experience.

The existing lecture capture technology at NC State was primarily designed for remote students, but the increasing demand for recordings in more classrooms highlighted the need for a more comprehensive solution. The DELTA team sought to address this by developing an integrated learning ecosystem that could be deployed across various classrooms on campus. By expanding the lecture capture capabilities, NC State University aimed to provide students with additional resources for review, accommodate different learning styles, and support accessibility needs. This initiative aligns with the university's values of innovation and access, aiming to leverage technology to enhance the overall learning experience for the NC State community.

The Solution

NC State University chose to utilize Panopto and the Epiphan Pearl Mini video production system to enhance their lecture recording capabilities and provide a hassle-free experience for professors. The integration of these technologies streamlined the process of capturing lectures and made it easier for faculty to record their classes.

In each classroom designated for lecture capture, the setup included a camera source, a computer source, and audio from a ceiling-mounted microphone. This configuration ensured that all essential components for capturing a lecture were in place.

The integration between Panopto and the Epiphan Pearl Mini system played a crucial role in simplifying the recording process for professors. Faculty members who were already familiar with Panopto could continue using it seamlessly. They could simply press the record button as they had done before, without needing to worry about activating the Pearl Mini system separately. This integration eliminated any additional steps or complications for faculty who were accustomed to using Panopto for their recordings.

For professors who were not yet familiar with Panopto, the DELTA team at NC State University developed an automated control function. This feature allowed faculty members to enter the lecture hall and begin teaching immediately. As soon as they started their lecture, the recording would automatically commence, ensuring that no content was missed. Once the lecture concluded, the recording would be automatically uploaded to the university's Learning Management System (LMS) shortly after, making it readily accessible to students.

By implementing the Panopto and Epiphan integration, NC State University aimed to provide a user-friendly and efficient lecture capture experience for professors. This approach reduced the barriers to recording and encouraged more faculty members to adopt lecture capture as a regular practice. It also ensured that recorded lectures were readily available for students through the university's LMS, promoting accessibility and supporting students' learning needs.

“It’s important to  create highly advanced learning environments so that our faculty members have the ability to provide engaging instruction and our students can access content quickly. Based on the feedback we received from students they definitely wanted courses recorded.” -Leisa Bolles, Director of Media Production Services (DELTA) at NC State University

The Impact

The integration of learning technologies, specifically the Panopto and Epiphan integration, has had a significant impact on NC State University's lecture capture capacity and the overall learning experience for students. The university's lecture capture capacity quadrupled, highlighting the successful implementation of these technologies.

With over 40,000 students utilizing the integrated learning ecosystem, the benefits of the lecture capture system have become apparent in a relatively short period. Students attending classes in person benefit from the availability of recorded lectures, as they can review the material at their own pace, reinforce their understanding, or catch up on missed content. This system also serves as a safety net for students who are unable to attend physically, ensuring they have access to the same educational resources and opportunities as their peers.

Furthermore, the integration of learning technologies, including lecture capture, has played a crucial role in bridging the gap between virtual and in-person learning environments. For online students, this technology serves as an essential connection point, allowing them to engage with course materials and experience the classroom environment virtually. This integration promotes a more inclusive and equitable learning environment, catering to the needs of diverse student populations.

The effectiveness and dependability of lecture capture technology have also been recognized as key distinguishing factors in the rankings of online programs. The annual survey conducted by U.S. News & World Report, which assesses online degree programs, ranked seven of NC State's online programs in the top 10 of their respective fields. This achievement can be attributed not only to student achievement but also to the quality of services and technologies offered, with lecture capture playing a significant role in delivering a high-quality online learning experience.

In summary, the integration of learning technologies, specifically the Panopto and Epiphan integration, has had a transformative impact on NC State University. It has increased lecture capture capacity, enhanced the learning experience for both in-person and online students, and contributed to the success and recognition of the university's online programs.

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