Epiphan Pearl Mini - Top 5 Reasons your Next Conference Should be Virtual

Imagine your company has an important conference coming up, but nobody has confirmed a venue, guest speaker attendance, or logistical information.

Now, imagine this is a virtual conference, and realize that many of these issues become irrelevant.

Epiphan recently released a great article breaking down five great reasons to make a virtual conference a reality at your company. We're going to break down some of their finer points here!

1. Cut costs

Virtual conferences mean cutting spending! Say goodbye to transportation, venues and the general price of a standard conference. Everything can be done over video conferencing, and for the most part- can be done for free.

2. Reach Way More People

Virtual conferencing also means not limiting the number of attendees. With simple apps like Skype, Zoom and Kaltura- witch has a direct integration with Epiphan's Pearl switchers- you can bring in as many participants as you like.

Not only is this a great feature for inter office meetings, but online webinars are a great tool to reach your customer base as well.

3. Bring in Experts from Anywhere

With virtual conferencing, location is no longer a limitation. As long as your expert has access to a webcam and videoconferencing application, you are good to go at just a few clicks!

4. Make Money

Virtual conferencing not only increases communication, but presents unique business opportunities. Attendance fees, sponsorship and advertising are all great ways to monetize the information being shared in your virtual conference.

5. Gather Data and Leads

Virtual conference platforms can help you gather data about your audience. What information do people need? What topics seem to be interesting?

All of this data can be analyzed to help you better understand your customers.

Find out more about video conferencing by checking out the full article from Epiphan HERE

Learn more about Epiphan HERE

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