Epiphan Webcaster X1 Easy Streaming Solution to Facebook Live or YouTube for under $300

Epiphan Webcaster X1 Easy Streaming Solution to Facebook Live or YouTube for under $300 - Pre-Order now at Videoguys.com!

Epiphan’s new Webcaster X1: Stream to social media platforms with ease

This past week was big for us at Epiphan! On Wednesday October 19, we added an exciting and innovative new product family to the Epiphan line-up—the new Webcaster X1 line of social media streaming devices. webcaster-x1_fb-and-yt_main Webcaster X1™ products are exciting because they fully integrate into the live streaming process for social networks, helping content creators streamline and simplify the delivery of live professional-quality video streams to viewers. More specifically, Webcaster X1 products are small, easy-to-use devices that encode and stream HD sources (i.e. HDMI™ cameras, mixers) directly to YouTube or Facebook Live, depending on the product model. There’s no special software to install either—simply connect the Webcaster X1 device to your network via Ethernet, connect your source and then pair the device with either Facebook or YouTube (again—depending on the model) using a special device code to begin live streaming. It’s that simple. Developed in collaboration with live streaming industry leaders YouTube and Facebook, the Webcaster X1 family consists of two distinct products, unique to each streaming platform:Epiphan 1. Webcaster X1 for YouTube™ and 2. Epiphan Webcaster X1 for Facebook Live™.

Webcaster X1 for YouTube

With Webcaster X1 for YouTube, you initiate the stream by entering the generated code (displayed on the front of the Webcaster X1) using a computer or mobile device and then manage the details of your live stream through YouTube’s Live Dashboard. When the stream is ended by pressing the “On/Off” switch on the back of the device, YouTube automatically transcodes your video and saves it as a regular (i.e. non-live) video on your YouTube channel for your subscribers to view at a later time. webcaster-x1_to_yt

Webcaster X1 for Facebook

Webcaster X1 for Facebook Live offers the same live stream device code functionality but differs slightly from Webcaster X1 for YouTube. With Webcaster for Facebook Live, you have the option to create two different types of live streams: a live event (with a finite stream time) or a continuous stream (with a long-running stream time). Whichever style you select, you can then choose to stream your video to a Facebook Event, Group, Page or your own personal Timeline. [Continue Reading...]

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