Everything you Need to Know About Newtek NDI

NDI is a powerful video transport protocol that can be leveraged to truly elevate the quality and level of your live broadcast. With NDI 5, there’s also a ton of new features, that will now allow for remote production as well.

NEDI was started as a way to move away from SDI and bring broadcast quality video transport to more and more people.  It is both cheaper and more scalable to use NDI over SDI.  

"The idea behind NDI was to move video signals onto existing networks – and make it free to do so. NDI can operate on standard Ethernet. Even a 1 Gigabit connection allows multiple NDI streams to pass from sender to receiver. This enables more streamlined and elegant workflows in the broadcast and digital video worlds. NDI helps lower the cost of broadcast and video creation, and further democratizes access to high-end production capabilities."

NDI is commonly used with a live production system for live or pre-recorded video where switching can be done live in real time.  Some markets that really benefit from NDI include videogame streaming and esports as it eliminates the need for a capture card.  

There's also a screen recording features called NDI Screen Capture HX, optimized for NVIDIA GPUs which removes a heavy reliance on your computers CPU.  

Recently, techtelegraph.co.uk posted a great article outlining everything beginners need to know about NDI.  Check out that article, here. 

Learn more about NDI products HERE.

Learn more about NewTek HERE.


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