Expanding Reach and Message Online with LiveU Solo

Live streaming from a House of Worship facility and want to take your message mobile? Check out how Houston-based Dwelling Place Church did just that with LiveU gear like the LiveU Solo premium video encoder. Check out the full story here: https://get.gosolo.tv/dwellingplacechurch

As the church started streaming weekly services, the media team quickly realized they needed a more robust solution since they experienced network maintenance issues during their live streams. After an introduction to LiveU Solo and its cloud-based workflow, the team swapped out streaming solutions and couldn’t be happier with the results. “The church hasn’t seen any issues and the streams have been ‘unbreakable,’ said John Hettinger, Dwelling Place Church Media Director.

Every church has them: once-active church members that are now home bound (primarily older adults and their caregivers). With reduced involvement in the church, these members are largely unknown to most of the congregation and may feel forgotten, ignored, or misunderstood. “LiveU Solo has brought the church to these members. The ability to view and participate in the service has really strengthened their faith,” stated Hettinger.

“Audiences respond to true live opposed to simulated live,” said Hettinger. “When the Church hosts a live stream, it gives them more of a chance to interact with the audience as opposed to just watching it afterwards from home. LIVE makes things more interactive in real-time.”

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