Fantastic guide to Avid ScriptSync - it's a Game-Changer

One of the most exciting features found in Avid’s Media Composer Ultimate is ScriptSync. ScriptSync allows editors to upload a virtual version of their script to their NLE, and click on lines to attach them to the clips they are associated with.

This means a much more organized and efficient workflow for editors working off of a script, with a massive amount of footage. The function is still a hidden gem, that many editors are not aware of, that can truly elevate the workflow process. recently posted a great look at the mechanics and advantages behind ScriptSync.  The article is informative and helpful for those looking to take full advantage of the tool. Check out that article HERE.

"This opens doors for you to quickly finding specific lines of dialogue, to comparing different line deliveries across several takes, to frankensteining new words and lines together (creating new lines of dialogue with several bits of pieces of other lines)."

One important note when using ScriptSync is that your script must be correctly formated as a .txt file, so that Avid can ingest the script and have it ready as a resource to assign to your footage.  From there it is a simple process to help you speed up your post production time.

Overall, ScriptSync is an easy to use resource that poses some great advantages to the Avid Editors in the post production space.  

Check out the full article from SoundSnap HERE.

Learn more about Avid HERE.

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