FCP X – from a unique perspective

MKDC: by Michael Kammes

Let’s all take a deep breath. Relaxed?

This isn’t a rant about how great or not so great FCP X is. I’m in a very unique position to be impartial. I work with virtually everything within the walls of Post. Thus, I’ve attacked the issue of FCP X and have decided to examine the ramifications to this creature with many heads we call workflow.

I think we all need to put these 3 truths on a sticky next to our palette monitor. I believe:

  1. The good of the many outweighs the good of the few (or one, if you like movie quotes)
  2. Post Production? We are the few. We are the exception to the rule. There are many more dad’s cutting together their kids t-ball highlights than editing a primetime television show or feature film. That’s the rule.
  3. This is version 1.0. Learn to accept that.

Quite frankly, if you plan on pulling stuff in from your digital camera, doing an edit with some color and effects, then outputting a digital file, I think you’ll love FCP X. It’s sleek, it’s shiny, it’s all in one – no muss no fuss. In fact, jeebus, it flies. On a new 12 Core Mac Pro with a Quadro 4000, I had 6 streams of Canon 5D material playing PLUS a Cineform 3D file. All with a size change (PiP). 77% CPU utilization. All of this – unrendered. Not one dropped frame. 1 stream of 5D can cause FCP7 to choke. That’s bad-ass.

But for those who sit in a darkened edit bay with stale client snacks and mini cans of soda – brace for impact. read more...

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