FCP X: It’s Time for a Second Look

Apple's Final Cut Pro has come a long way. If you are wondering how the latest FCP X performs, you'll want to check out this article from a pro who says it's time you take a new and fresh look at this NLE software. Read on for details: Final Cut Pro XFrom Frame.io blog

...As an Apple and Adobe instructor, I’ve delivered over 30 certified classes in FCP X. Through my own personal experience, I’ve noticed that it’s faster to teach the FCP X curriculum then it was Final Cut Pro 7 to someone brand new to video editing. People in the class were able to start importing and editing very quickly. However, if I was teaching someone FCP X who had prior video editing experience, the time would take double.

Over time it got me thinking, maybe what Apple intended to create from the beginning was something to make our lives easier and our jobs more efficient. Yes, it was released too early at first, but maybe part of people’s own resistance to change got in the way of discovering some really cool features that existed. So as we go on this journey together, I ask you to keep an open mind.

FCP X Makes Life Easier

Let’s get into some of my favorite features which I believe make FCP X one of the most versatile and powerful NLEs.

Keyword Collections

A common workflow after a classic film shoot was to take the reels of footage you shot and dump it into physical labeled bins. This was a very effective way to work and its terminology seeped its way into the first non-linear video editing applications. Modern NLEs still reflect this way of thinking. When you organize your clips, you place them into “bins.”...[continue reading]

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