FCPX 10.1 vs Premiere Pro CC Part 01

Final Cut Pro X Berlin User Group by Paul Murray in Future FCPX

Regardless of your NLE, of choice, you will surely have noticed that Apple recently made, what is called in the industry, a major update to Final Cut Pro X. The list of feature requests, has been long, expectations high, and the Apple Marketing Team has not been idle either. Yet again, Apple has done it, their, way. And as luck would have it, I was out of the loop in rural France as all of this was happening, with no internet connection. In a strange twist of fate, I have also recently, been taking another cursory look at, Adobe Premiere Pro. And so I thought under the circumstances, why not, do a series of Adobe Premiere Pro vs Final Cut Pro X articles. Adobe have after all been extremely vocal in their attempts, to woo disgruntled FCP Classic editors, as of late. And whilst I am a self confessed FCP X advocate, I am more than happy, to look at the alternatives. Ironically I, actually had a demo version of Adobe 7.21 installed on my computer several days before I downloaded the free FCP X 10.1 update!!! But one thing after another.

FCP X is changing once again! But maybe is is not just about the length of a list? A sceptic might be tempted to say. OK what the hell, Apple have rearranged the way the program works with Media. Specifically they have moved the projects into the browser. And made an even bigger box, where both projects and events reside and then, called this bigger box, a library! Larry Jordan, summarises pretty much how things have changed on the surface here:

Regardless of how radical these changes may or may not be, there are some more subtle, fringe like implications, that are well worth considering. There is an increasingly standard logic, for all Apple programs! Aperture, Logic, iMovie and FCP X, all being cases in point! Think of how many versions of iMovie are out there, on this planet, with people who can now move, more easily from, iMovie to FCP X than from, Adobe or Avid for example! The phrase, opening of flood gates, springs to mind. If you have both iMovie and FCP X installed, a menu point will appear in iMovie, allowing you to export to FCP X!

But back to the Adobe, angle. In an attempt to compare bananas with bananas, here is a list of the feature updates, introduced with Premiere Pro 7.0. We are currently at Premiere 7.21. read more...

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