Film Professor Erik Knudsen on why he likes Final Cut Pro X

There are many people on the internet who express their opinion about Final Cut Pro X, but Erik Knudsen does it rather well and rather succinctly. In the wake of WWDC, it refocuses us on the app, not the hardware.

Erik Knudsen should know what he is talking about, he's a Professor of Film Practice and a former Head of the School of Media Music and Performance at the University of Salford in Manchester, UK. He's also got a refreshingly open view of FCPX and manages to highlight some of the reasons why he thinks it is such a good tool.

The video blog is only about seven minutes long, but well worth a watch to see Erik's perspective on his NLE of choice. We will of course post part two when it's ready.

We are very curious here in the office and we thought we would browse through the other videos on Erik's channel. We particularly enjoyed watching the students work out how to build animations with real life elements in an earlier Vlog. There are many other videos that chronicle the production process of the feature film 'The Raven on the Jett,' so a good watch for all budget or student filmmakers. read more & watch the videos...

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