Final Cut Pro X 10.1: What To Expect And How To Update

The FCP X Editor by Braden Storrs

It’s the calm before the storm in the editing world. I feel it coming in my bones you could say… or I could just be paying attention to any video editing forum or group that exists online. Reading all the different posts there seems to be a collective holding of our breath. The anticipation just keeps building. There is sure to be a veritable explosion on the internet when the new Mac Pro and FCP X 10.1 make their debut. Praises and complaints, screenshots and tutorials, reviews and benchmarks. Gandalf agrees: They Are Coming. Until the arrival here is something to figure out what to expect and how to transition.

When will FCP X 10.1 be here?


The only thing we know for sure and can count on is that Apple states on the FCP X website “Coming in December.” Technically that could mean all the way up to Tuesday, December 31st, at 11:59 PM. There is no set date. Because of their historical product release history it is likely that the release will be on a Tuesday, though that isn’t a guarantee. So either today the 10th, or next week on the 17th seem the most likely. I am hoping for today. Businesses need to make their end of year purchases for tax credit reasons before they all go on their Christmas breaks. Therefore to me today seems the most likely release date. It is clear FCP X is being held back till the release of the Mac Pro so I would say it’s safe to say we will see both released the same day.

Will FCP X 10.1 be a free or a paid upgrade?

The only ones that know that answer is Apple. It could go either way. I would love for it to be a free update, of course. Recently, much of Apple’s software, from OS X, to iLife, to iWork have gone to a once you buy it, or a Mac, you get free updates “forever.” We’ll see. I definitely understand though if it is a paid update. A lot of development time goes into the Pro Apps and they need their moneys worth.

What new features will FCP X 10.1 have?

Right now it’s all speculation (which can be fun) on what features will really make it into the next release. I think project management and collaborative workflows will be addressed in this release. Larry Jordan at IBC stated he felt this would be a significant update feature wise. read more...

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