Final Cut Pro X 2013 - A year in review

It's been an pretty packed year for FCPX and Apple news. We take a look back at the big stories of 2013, the great user profiles, the new products that were released, the trade shows and of course the year ending big software and hardware updates.


january FCPX plugin roundup

We kicked off the year with a raft of new plugins for FCPX, FxFactory, Reelpath, Nattress and Cineflare to name a few, all released products. Little did we know of the impending argument that was to follow.

PixelConduit was updated from Conduit to work in conjunction with FCPX. Another method for building plugins looked promising, but it failed to gain traction within the market.

Crumplepop released their Dale Grahn Color iPad app unfortunately on a day that the normally rock solid Vimeo decided to crash.

We published some great user stories and tutorials. John Davidson from Magic Feather showed us in 'FCPX on air' how his company made trails using Final Cut Pro X running on shared storage. This is the first video from a series of 5, the methods of sharing might have changed since the 10.1 update.

Olivier Galliano was the assistant editor (and then main editor) on the French TV series 'Lazy Company'. Shot on two Red Scarlets in 4K, the job started on FCP7 and then transitioned over to FCPX. He described why they changed to FCPX and the workflow that they used. This was the first one of many broadcast user stories we featured over the year. read more...

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