Final Cut Pro X: Avid’s greatest marketing success?

OneRiver Media Blog by Marco Solorio

It’s official. Today, after 15 years, OneRiver Media officially purchased our first licensed seat of Avid Media Composer. This was actually a long time coming, as we’re constantly in situations where Final Cut Pro 7 has limitations in how we work in the timeline. And don’t get me wrong; we’re not completely jumping ship from Final Cut Pro. We still have several projects that are in Final Cut Pro 7 right now, and may even continue to use Final Cut Pro 7 until we get solid hardware migration working with Media Composer, namely our AJA Kona 3 hardware. We might temporarily use Matrox hardware in the interim and sell the Matrox hardware if and when our beloved Kona 3 cards finally work with Media Composer.

With today’s release of Final Cut Pro X and the sheer amount of features it has dropped from its functionality really hit home. Rather than sit and wait, I decided to buy a seat of the $995 cross-grade offers from while they’re still available. Who knows how long the discounted supply will last for, or how long the offer will last for, right? I was certain last Friday was the last day to buy it, so I felt compelled to buy a $995 Media Composer seat today while I still had the second chance.

I’m definitely still interested in what Final Cut Pro X has to offer, more so in the future than the now. Right now it’s just too young as a version 1 release. But in a version or two, I can see some cool things being added (and re-introduced from FCP7). And don’t get me wrong, there are some really cool features that FCPX has now that I wish FCP7 and Media Composer had, namely the magnetic timeline. read more...

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