Final Cut Pro X Demistified for Adobe Premiere Pro Editors: Part 1

The latest Final Cut Pro X is a game-changer, inspiring many to move over from other applications. This article is geared toward "switchers", so read on to help ease the transition and figure out your new workflow in FCPX.
FCPX for Adobe editorsOver the last few years I’ve spent a lot of time helping “switchers” get to grips with changes and updates to video editing software - whether it’s been Avid or FCP 7 editors moving to Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X. In many cases the people switching often have specific questions about workflows - i.e. they have a specific way of working that they’d like to replicate on the new system. Part of my job over the last few years has been to help demystify the different software to either find those common workflows or help people develop new ones, especially if a client is willing to pay you to edit, but are specifying a particular piece of software....[continue reading on]

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