Final Cut Pro X Rundown

Ken Stone's FCP by Richard Taylor

Deconstructing the Las Vegas Supermeet Sneak Peek video

First off Final Cut Pro X is a new application. It is not an update to FCP 7. I think that many, including me, will continue to use FCP 7 along with FCP X after FCP X arrives. I hope that there is a workflow between FCP 7 and FCP X.

The Sneak Peek that Apple gave at the Las Vegas Supermeet, I believe, was just the tip of the FCP X iceberg. I think that the FCP X team has much more to show. I specifically want to thank Michael Horton and Dan Berube for all of their work involved in hosting Apple's Sneak Peek preview of FCP X. In this article I've assembled the key points gathered from the various Apple FCP X demo videos available on the web. Where appropriate, I've compared the new features of FCP X to former Final Cut Pro features.

Any text in this article in quotation marks are direct quotes from the FCP X Sneak Peek videos. All images are screen grabs from these videos or from the high quality FCP X images that Apple released.

Let's jump right in to see what we know about FCP X from the Sneak Peak.

FCP X is a brand new 64 bit application built from the ground up with modern technologies and a modern foundation. This means that FCP X can take full advantage of as much memory as you can throw at it. And it will scale from MacBook Pros to high end MacPros.

"What this means in practical terms is larger more complex projects, larger formats, more frames in memory, deeper and richer effects stacks". Final Cut Pro Architect Peter Steinauer

FCP X is focusing on the three primary tasks that everybody needs to do: Image Quality - Organization - Editing read more...

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