Final Cut Pro X: The Missing Features by Danny Greer

In this post, we’ll take a look at Apple’s new Final Cut Pro X video editing software and more specifically the features that were left out of the new application.

Many video professionals and early adopters of the application have already lashed out criticism for Apple leaving out professional features that were present in earlier versions of FCP. Aside from this features list, it is important to note that Apple has also combined Color, DVD Studio Pro and Soundtrack into the Final Cut Pro X application.

From the early reports that have surfaced about FCPX here’s what we know about missing features in the product update:

  • Chapter Markers
    Apple seems to have done away with DVD Studio Pro, but you can now burn DVDs from directly within Final Cut Pro. In earlier versions of FCP you could add markers and include them as chapter markers upon export. This feature has inconventintely been left out of FCPX, making the ability to architect a commercial DVD fairly infeasible. read more...

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