Final Cut Pro X: Top 10 Apps for FCPX Editors

Final Cut Pro X is used by pro and amateur editors across the world. Like many products similar to it, their users are good at pointing out where they fall short. Luckily for us there are usually apps for that and created this top ten list are the best Apps for Final Cut Pro X. They range from apps that update older projects to the new software to a fast and easy way to upload a video to social media. These apps might cost a little extra on top of FCPX but the return from their users seems worth it. Take a look at this top ten to see if in fact one of these apps could help your production:
  • X2Pro
  • SendToXfcpx-top-ten-apps
  • Final Cut Library Manager
  • XtoCC
  • Xsend Motion
  • WORX4 X
  • Producer's Best Friend
  • VideoTweet
  • MergeX
Click here to read the full article and watch all the tutorials attached.

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