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The wait is over. The new Final Cut Studio is here. With dozens of improvements and features, this version of Final Cut Studio is a must-have for any serious post production professional. With over 11 years of experience teaching Apple professional video applications, Ripple Training was Apple's first choice to produce and deliver tutorial movies that explain in real-world, no-nonsense terms, what these improvements and features will mean to your everyday workflow.

Below you will find 19 tutorial movies (all free), that cover Final Cut Pro 7, Motion 4, Compressor 3.5, Soundtrack Pro 3 and Color 1.5. Each tutorial is produced by Apple-certified trainers who are industry leaders in their respective fields of expertise.

Final Cut Pro 7: Produced by Steve Martin and Brian Gary
Motion 4: Produced by Mark Spencer
Compressor 3.5: Produced by Brian Gary
Soundtrack Pro 3: Produced by Steve Martin
Color 1.5: Produced by Alexis Van Hurkman

QuickTime 7 or above required to watch these tutorials. A fast internet connection is also recommended.

The total running time for all 19 movies is 78 minutes (give or take a second or two). So go get a sandwich, kick back and enjoy the presentation. Thanks for watching. Click here for the Videos

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