Find the Right Media Fast with Advanced Search Capabilities in Avid MediaCentral

Media management tips direct from Avid! This tutorial features easy tips on searching for the media you need in Avid MediaCentral. Read the full article to find out how useful MediaCentral is at improving your workflow. From Avid's blog

Your team is producing more content than ever…in some cases 1,000 times more media than you did just 10 years ago. Your media is your lifeblood, your most valuable asset, but what good is it if you can’t find the content you need, when you need it… let alone be able to repurpose it for multiple projects to be delivered across various platforms. Ultimately, you want to leverage your content as much as possible, perhaps even to tap into new revenue opportunities.

...MediaCentral makes tracking down content easier than ever. You can search for and find the media you need fast, within MediaCentral. It makes all production and archived assets accessible to every in-house and remote contributor....[continue reading]

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