Finding Help For NLE Errors

Screenlight by Josh Short

Video editing is a scary thing. Something can go wrong at any time. A hard drive can fail, media goes missing or your NLE can give you crazy errors like the ones below. You can’t tell what these errors even mean so how can you get started trying to solve the problem?

Going out on your own as a freelance editor with your own gear is even scarier. There’s no other editor to ask for help and you (probably) have only one computer. Errors need to be solved quickly before they turn into crises that could ruin your business. Fortunately for video editors there are a ton of places to seek help.

Video editing software does some wonky things and the errors are nearly incomprehensible for reasons we’ll never understand. The first place to go when you get an error or have a question about the software is the forums.

  • Avid Media Composer Forums
  • Adobe Premiere Forums
  • Apple FCPX Forums

People hang out there all day and answer questions. Individuals like Marianna Montague on the Avid forums keep folk like me sane by answering questions quickly and accurately. She’s helped me out of a number of jams and I know she personally even goes out of her way to email you resources to help you in the future. read more...

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