First Impressions of Final Cut Pro X 10.1

nofilmschool by Austin Mace

Apple’s release of the Final Cut Pro X 10.1 update came with a number of new features. From more 4K software and hardware support to better project and media management, FCP X‘s new capabilities are many, and here to share his first impressions of the update is a filmmaker who has had extensive experience with the powerful NLE.
This is a guest post by Austin Mace.

Along with the release of the new Mac Pro earlier this week, Apple has also released a significant upgrade to Final Cut Pro X with 10.1. I have been using FCP X to cut projects since day one, ranging from music videos, commercials, live concert videos and more. I’ve since grown as a filmmaker and editor over the past two and a half years, as has Apple’s NLE. While I agree that the initial release of FCP X left much to be desired for seasoned veterans of the industry, the latest release offers incredible utility for Mac-based editors and does so at a competitive price point.

A bit about myself

I mostly shoot on a combination of DSLRs, FS-100s, Panasonic HMC 150s and a few GoPros. I have recently partnered with a music venue in the Midwest to provide video production services for touring musicians. We are growing as a company, and are beginning to bring on more editors. Being able to share projects is now hugely important, whereas before I was used to just working alone. I was almost going to switch to Premiere for this, but the updates in 10.1 are enough to make me stay. Here’s why. read more...

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