Four features to look for in a USB capture device

In Epiphan's recent article, Bill Allan goes over what you should look for when investing in a capture card. Epiphan's line of video capture cards, the HD, 4K  and SDI  are perfect HDMI to USB adapters. 

According to Allan, a capture card is a small piece of hardware that helps translate the camera’s analog video signal into a digital video format that your computer will understand. 

Using a capture card is simple! There are 4 steps to get your capture card up and running. 

First, connect your HDMI camera output to the video capture card with your HDMI cable. 
Then, connect the capture card to the USB cable.
Next, connect the USB cable to your computer.
Lastly, power your camera. And that's it! 

Here are the four features Epiphan think you should look for in a capture card. 

  1. Capture resolution and frame rate
    Make sure your capture card can capture the resolution and frame rate you need. Your capture card should support the features of your camera. 
  2. Compatibility
    Make sure your capture card is compatible with your computer 
  3. Durability and portability
    If you are going to be traveling make sure it's portable and rugged. 
  4. Audio transmission
    If you need to capture your cameras audio, you need to make sure you capture card can handle that. 

Check out the full article here!

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