Webinar: Atomos CONNECT to Cloud workflows has established close partnerships with influential companies in the filmmaking industry, including Atomos. I'm here to learn more about Atomos' latest products in the CONNECT family and how they are designed to work with Camera to Cloud.

Atomos is known for its outstanding range of products, including lightweight on-camera displays and HDR studio-grade monitor-recorders. The CONNECT family of products from Atomos is designed to provide seamless integration and connectivity solutions for filmmakers and content creators. It's exciting to hear about the latest additions to this family and how they work with Camera to Cloud, a feature that enables filmmakers to securely upload and share footage from their cameras to the cloud.

Paul joined Atomos from Timecode Systems and is a specialist in wireless sync technology. He also has a long background in broadcast television—including time spent at the BBC—so he brings a wealth of experience in production and live environments to his current role.

Shawn’s first question for Paul at the 10:48 mark is “where does Atomos fit into all of this?” Because it seems that, with a wide range of products targeting an enormous cross section of use cases, Atomos can be a tricky company to define. But as Paul explains, everything they do falls into one of three groups:

  • Monitor-only. Like the 5” Shinobi HDR Photo and Video Monitor.
  • Monitor-recorders. Like the Ninja V and Ninja V+ models.
  • Connected monitor-recorders. Like the brand new Zato CONNECT

This last category isn’t a new move for Atomos, as they started developing connected devices around three years ago. As Paul puts it at the 12-minute mark, Atomos looked at the foundational technologies at the core of their business, and asked what Atomos might do to support tomorrow’s productions.

The Atomos CONNECT Family

ATOMOS CONNECT is the ultimate accessory for the NINJA V and NINJA V+ and represents a ground-breaking innovation for the NINJA product line. When attached to the NINJA V/ V+, the ATOMOS CONNECT transforms professional cinema, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras into fully integrated devices that support a range of advanced cloud-based workflows.

SHOGUN CONNECT is the first all-in-one device and represents a ground-breaking innovation for the SHOGUN product line. Featuring a comprehensive set of HDR monitoring tools with multiple recording options and cloud-based workflows, the SHOGUN CONNECT combines the best of the popular SHOGUN range with the ability to connect to the world

ZATO CONNECT has been designed to act as a compact, easy-to-use gateway to ATOMOS Cloud Studio. The device supports nearly all HDMI and USB UVC sources to livestream to social sites, or can be used to create a webcam source for Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, and other conferencing software.

ATOMOS Cloud Studio is a powerful collection of new cloud-based video production services. Launched on 8th July with ATOMOS Stream and support for the new ZATO CONNECT, ATOMOS CONNECT accessory for NINJA V and NINJA V+ and the SHOGUN CONNECT. ATOMOS Capture to Cloud launched with Camera to Cloud. This means that anyone with a compatible camera or device will be able to make use of these tools to share media and collaborate in real-time.

The result of this foresight is a range of products that are ready to take on today’s network- and cloud-connected workflows, including the Shogun CONNECT, the Atomos CONNECT, and the new Zato CONNECT. All of which Paul is more than happy to show off at the 14:17 mark.

In short, the Shogun CONNECT is Atomos’ flagship product, building a fully integrated, WiFi 6 networking solution into the existing Shogun feature set. This includes a 2000-nit, 7-inch HDR screen, SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs, and recording in a range of file formats to affordable solid state media.

On top of this, the Shogun CONNECT also has AirGlu, a combination of long-range RF and Bluetooth-based tech unique to Atomos that adds robust wireless timecode, sync, and control functionality to the mix. As Paul explains, “For a camera-to-cloud workflow you could have fully synchronized, separate audio and other sources coming in, and know that everything has exactly the same matching timecodes.”

AirGlu is also part of the Atomos CONNECT, a bolt-on module for the Atomos Ninja and Ninja V+. So owners of these earlier models can easily adopt cloud-connected workflows without having to replace their existing hardware.

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